Titanfall StryderThe Stryder chassis is all about speed and agility.  The Stryder is the fastest Titan.  However, in order to secure its mobility, the Stryder sacrifices armor and power.  In order to make an impact on the Frontier battlefield versus other Titans, the Stryder must strike fast and fade away.  A competent Stryder Pilot will use all cover available while quickly engaging and evading its stronger enemies before they can react. The Stryder’s execution kill is to pull the Pilot out of the Titan and squeeze it until it explodes.

Stryder Titan Core Ability

That Stryder’ core ability is Dash Core.  When the core ability comes online, activate it and the Stryder will have unlimited dashes and move at higher speeds for an amount of time.

How to Unlock the Stryder Titan

The Stryder is unlocked by completing one Campaign story – either from the point of the view IMC or the Militia.  Once the Stryder Chassis is unlocked, it is unlocked forever and is not lost after prestige/regeneration, as is the case with other unlocks.

Stryder Titan Stats

The stats for the Stryder Titan are below, they’re best viewed on a relative scale to the other Titan Chassis.  The stats ranking is displayed in parenthesis next to the stat.

Health: 5,500 (3rd)
Sprint Speed: 435 (1st)
Melee Damage: 1,125(2nd)
Dash Speed: 720 (1st)
Shield Regeneration Rate: 10 (3rd)
Number of Dashes: 3 (1st)

Stryder Titan Tips

The Stryder is all about the quick hits while evading damage.  Using the Electric Smoke Tactical Ability is smart to confuse and disorient any opponents. If they can’t see you, they can’t shoot you (or at least not accurately).  A Pilot could also pair their Stryder with the Dash Quickcharger Kit to make sure they always have an out, however, this Kit becomes worthless when the Dash Core is activated.  Some players will suggest the Stryder should have a long range weapon to make sure its weak shields and armor aren’t taken advantage of during battle.  But that strategy plays to the Stryder’s weaknesses and not its strengths.  It’s much more tactical to dance around an Ogre as it tries to fire its slow 40mm Cannon, all the while pelting it with Electric Smoke, Ordnances, and a quick firing Titan Weapon.

Stryder Titan Videos

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