Titanfall OgreThe Ogre titan is considered a tank.  The Ogre is the strongest titan in the game in terms of armor and damage.  However, it is the least mobile of the titans.  As long as the Ogre is able to keep the battle in front of it, there’s not much that can challenge its strength. The Pilot accesses the cockpit of the Ogre chassis through the top of the head.  Ogres are so strong that they can rip off the arms of an enemy Titan and pulverize with its own limbs for an execution.

Ogre Titan Core Ability

That Ogre’ core ability is Shield Core.  When the core ability comes online, activate it and the Ogre’s shield will recharge and have increased strength for an amount of time.

How to Unlock the Ogre Titan

The Ogre is unlocked by completing both Campaign stories – from the point of the view IMC and the Militia.  Once the Ogre Chassis is unlocked, it is unlocked forever and is not lost after prestige/regeneration, as is the case with other unlocks.

Ogre Titan Stats

The stats for the Ogre Titan are below, they’re best viewed on a relative scale to the other Titan Chassis.  The stats ranking is displayed in parenthesis next to the stat.

Health: 10,500 (1st)
Sprint Speed: 400 (3rd)
Melee Damage: 1,875 (1st)
Dash Speed: 610 (3rd)
Shield Regeneration Rate: 22 (1st)
Number of Dashes: 1 (3rd)

Ogre Titan Tips

The Ogre’s best for fighting at a distance.  If its Pilot can anticipate the battle before it reaches it, there’s no need to runaway.  Try and let other Titans pick you off, the Ogre’s armor will outlast their own.  However, if a battle does get too close, use the Ogre’s powerful melee punch (strongest of all the Titans) to knock them back and deliver a large amount of damage.  Couple it with the Big Punch Kit and the enemy is in for big trouble. The Regen Booster is also a major plus for the Ogre.  Since the Ogre has the fastest shield regeneration rate, the Regen Booster kit keeps it shields almost always charged.

Ogre Titan Videos

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