Titanfall AtlasThe Atlas chassis is the primary Titans as it fills multiple rolls. It was the original Titan developed by Hammond Robotics and is considered dependable for “frontline elements”. The Atlas is a solid Titan to select when first starting as it is good, but not great, in every category. The Atlas is quicker than the Ogre and has more armor than the Stryder, but not vice versa. The Pilot accesses the cockpit of the Atlas chassis through the front.  The Atlas’ melee execution of other Titans, makes it punch through the enemies hull and rip out the Pilot and finally flinging the Pilot across the map.

Atlas Titan Core Ability

That Atlas’ core ability is Damage Core.  When the core ability comes online, activate it and the Atlas will deal a higher degree of damage for an amount of time. The Atlas’ Damage Core affects all of its weapons, including Titan Weapons, it’s Ordnance, and even Tactical Abilities like Electric Smoke.

Atlas Titan Stats

The stats for the Atlas Titan are below, they’re best viewed on a relative scale to the other Titan Chassis.  The stats ranking is displayed in parenthesis next to the stat.

Health: 8,000 (2nd)
Sprint Speed: 420 (2nd)
Melee Damage: 1,000 (3rd)
Dash Speed: 685 (2nd)
Shield Regeneration Rate: 12 (2nd)
Number of Dashes: 2 (2nd)

Atlas Titan Tips

The Atlas is the all-around Titan.  Due to its acceptable statistics in every category, its fits for every scenario.  Additionally, it’s great if the Pilot’s strategy is all about dealing damage. The Damage Core Ability allows the Atlas Titan to be on the offensive and engage enemies at utmost effectiveness.

Atlas Titan Videos

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